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    Born in Rome in 1979, I started to approach photography since childhood, when Photography was the instrument to live once again past experiences and emotions. Years later I discovered I could not stay away from it, photography became part of me and of my feelings.
    Thanks to the Istituto Europeo del Design over the years and experiences, both in analogical and digital, in lab and in studio, or simply in every day streets, I refined my technique and my eye. I focused my Vision and through it my Life.
Alessandro Sakoff Visions - Portrait by Paul Elledge - Tuscany 2010

Tuscany - 2010. Portrait by Paul Elledge.

    I live, work and create in Rome. I faced over the years, before and after the IED, various genres, from travel reportage to portraiture, from glamour to artistic photographic processing, both in analogical and digital, providing every time my personal way of seeing and perceiving.

    This are Art and Photography for me, the possibility to express my personal vision, my real being, without limits, the ability to move on a thin line which from the ephemeral instant evolves into an ethereal Vision.
* "RomArt 2017" @ Stadio di Domiziano Museum, Rome - Italy, November 25th 2017 - January 10th 2018.
* “Red Garden” @ Dodici Pose Lounge Art Gallery, Rome - Italy, March 25th, 2015.
* "See Me Take Over - Times Square", New York City, July 24th, 2014.
* "Year in Review" @ "Armory Week 2014", See Me Exhibition Space, New York City, March 7th - March 9th, 2014.
* See Me @ "Scope Miami Beach 2013", Miami, December 3rd - December 8th 2013.
* "The Story of the Creative", New York City, July 25th - September 10th 2013.
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